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Euphoria Programming Language for DOS Users

About Euphoria

Euphoria is an excellent interpreted language. There are interpreters for DOS, Windows, Linux and BSD, all for i386 machines. Since ver 3.0 Euphoria become free and open source.

Where to download Euphoria for DOS

I have the file, now what?

The file you get contains documentation. Only some quick start notes.

The interpreter EX.EXE is an stand-alone program, a really portable application that don't need any aditional library or binary file or be on an specific directory to run. So, if you write a Euphoria program that use only the core built-in functions (no library functions), you don't need anything else to run your program. But by sure you would want to use the complementary function libraries, documentation, and some aditional tools to simplify your life. All those files need to be installed in the rigth location so the interpreter can locate the resources and you will not need to type the complete file paths anytime you use them.

Steps to setup your Euphoria system

If you get the floppy image you dont need to install anything. Boot the floppy image on a real floppy or runing from hard disk a virtual machine. The real floppy is a toy or an emergency tool, you will discover soon that the euphoria interpreter is a big file, and the load time is long. After the load time the program may run at good speed. So, if you have a DOS system with hard drive, I suggest you to copy there the file at the a:\euphoria\ directory. You can follow the next steps.

From the zip or from a floppy, the steps to install at hard disk are:

To move files between the virtual floppy and a Win32 machine without create a real floppy disk use the program VDK (links below). This program loads the image file as virtual removable disk. Quick guide to use:

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